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This program has won several awards Gold Disk AwardedGold Disk Awarded

SafePC 4.1

SafePC is a security program for PCs running DOS/Windows. The program controls access to your PC and its resources through password protection. If you have used other security programs, try this one out for free and see why it has earned trust from banks, hospitals, universities, research institutes, software companies and important individuals.

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* Automatic round-the-clock protection---install it once and relax, it will run itself without system overhead.

* A seamless Log Manager that keeps records of intruders like a book, and can auto delete log files when you desire.

* A "no-excuse" lock up mechanism ensures you (or others authorized by you) can access any resource in the computer.

* A disable feature allows authorized owner to temporarily disable the password for trouble-shooting/upgrading the system.

* Your password is not only stored in a format beyond human recognition, it is in addition encrypted!

* Powerful configurable options

* Now users of Win95 can enjoy solid protection---and many more desirable features.

System Requirements:

DOS 5.0 or later, or Windows 3.xx, or Windows 95


Step by step instructions in Windows Help and text formats.

Installer included. See also: Installation Tips

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How to get it:

Click on any of the following links below to download.

From AOL:

Click on File Search toolbar button in AOL. This brings up a Software Search dialog. At the bottom of the dialog, type SAFEPC41 as the search definition. Click Search. You will see its description on a dialog. Click Download.