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Download & Installation Tips

All my Shareware programs come with an easy installer and detailed documentation getting your program set in seconds. Below is a general installation rule that you can apply to any of my programs.

If the downloaded file has .ZIP extension(for example, MEMOIR45.ZIP) then follow these steps:

1 Double-click on the downloaded file (with .zip extension). This will unzip the file into its multiple components. One of these new files you see will be the installer or setup program (either SETUP.EXE or INSTALL.EXE)

If you are not getting the .zip file decompressed, you don't have an unzipping tool. See pkunzip information below.

2 Double-click SETUP (or INSTALL) file and follow directions.

A good practice is to download files to a temporary directory (for example, C:\DOWNLOADS) and then decompress and run installer from there. Once installed, you can then delete the contents of the temporary directory. It keeps your hard disk clean.

If you are not running Windows but have DOS, follow installation directions carefully accompanied with the program.

goto What is PKUnzip? Pkunzip is a program written by PKWARE that decompresses files that were previously compressed by Pkzip program. Most programs are compressed (zipped) into one small file so that you can download them over modem quickly. Once you get them, you need to decompress the file before running the installer. You can get Pkunzip program from AOL by searching for PKUNZIP. Or by clicking the logo on left.