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This program has won several awards Gold Disk AwardedGold Disk Awarded

My Memoir 4.5

My Memoir is an electronic diary made specifically for you. Record your private moments, experiences, and dreams for any day with complete privacy. Its sleek interface, user-friendliness, and customizability will make your experience with this program a very pleasurable one. Major new features added over previous version. This program is globalized (international-aware).

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New Features
  • International-Aware...MyMemoir has gone Global!
  • Date/Calendar Format Configured Just For You--- Now MyMemoir figures out what format of date is used in your country/language and adjusts to that automatically.
  • Format of Time is Figured Out For You--- Representation of time (hour, minute, AM/PM) vary by countries. MyMemoir will automatically figure one that's used in your language/country.
  • Weekday Names Translated to Your Language--- The program translates the weekday names to your language on-the-fly.
  • Local Currency Symbol Added
  • Names of Months are translated automatically for you--- The Month buttons on screen also translate themselves into user's language automatically.
  • Unlimited Attachment Support: Now you can attach any types of files to your entries not only sound and images. And there's no limit to how many attachments you can have for each entry.
  • Expanded Statistics: In addition to word, line, and other statistics, you can now see count of attachments for current day, entire diary, as well as number of entries made for entire diary.
  • Two Powerful Ways To Find Text: Global and Local Text searches allow you to search for text either across all entries or just on current one.
  • 600 new synonyms added in the database
  • Duration of trial: increased from 16 to 30 (this is count of execution NOT days)
  • Special Character Keypad Expanded
  • Special Events awareness shows special greeting (with sound and image) for Christmas and New Year only.
  • One command to make all text Uppercase or Lowercase

    Standard Features

  • Built-in editor calculates calendar for 67 back and in the future
  • Solid privacy (password protected and encrypted diary)
  • Synonym and word lookup.
  • Text finding within the current entry
  • Test search across all entries (any year, month, day)
  • Attachment Manager allows you to manage attachments easily
  • Auto-lock
  • Pop-up tips on command controls
  • WYSIWYG Printing
  • Highly customizable interface (including 'wallpaper')
  • Ability to insert Special characters and symbols
  • Professional installer
    And much more. For complete overview all features, new and standard, download it try it out for free!
  • Documentation:

    Step by step instructions in text and HTML formats.
    Professional Installer included. See also: Installation Tips

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    How to get it:

    From Internet:

    Click on any of the following links below to download.

    From AOL:

    Click on File Search toolbar button in AOL. This brings up a Software Search dialog. At the bottom of the dialog, type MEMOIR45.ZIP as the search definition. Click Search. You will see its description on a dialog. Click Download.


    If you've encountered crashes running MyMemoir on Windows XP, Windows NT 4.x, or some flavors of Windows 95 or 98, take the following steps to resolve:
  • Quit MyMemoir if it's running
  • Download this fix (
  • Double-click the downloaded file ( to extract the memoir45.exe file and copy memoir45.exe to the same location where you had My Memoir 4.5 installed. When you're asked to overwrite the file memoir45.exe, answer Yes.
  • Restart MyMemoir application. This should resolve any crash.