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What is ShareWare?

Shareware programs differ from off-the-shelf programs in at least one significant way---Shareware programs let you try them out without obligation or cost. Only when you find a program useful, you pay a nominal fee to legally own it. It's like buying a car, you surely want to test-drive it first to see if it meets your needs. This dealer lot never closes! You come in whenever you want, and there's no high-pressured selling.

In addition, while off-the-shelf products come from larger companies, Shareware programs come from one or a handful of enthusiastic authors who truly enjoy sharing their programs with you. Because the author incurs less setup cost or capital, it is possible to offer his/her quality programs at lowest prices anywhere.

This innovative channel of software distribution is based on a significant trust between the program author and the potential client. Continuing to use a Shareware program without registration for prolonged periods of time is a violation of that trust. Because most people forget when to register a Shareware program, most of my programs come with a self-expiration mechanism. This process automatically informs you when the evaluation period has expired and gives you the opportunity to register it. The exact evaluation periods vary by the nature of the programs.