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Registering Software

There is no cost to you for evaluating any of these programs. These are fully functional programs ready for your download. Usually after a specified time, the program will self-expire (the actual time varies by program) at which time, you make a decision to keep it or not delete it.

If you wish to keep the program, you register by sending a nominal fee as specified in the program documentation.

The process of registration is simple, you either mail a check/money-order to the address specified in Contact page or by registering online via secure transaction (service provided by RegNow).

At this time, not all programs are registerable online, however the most popular ones are. Click on the program you're interested in (on your right pane) and see its documentation.

Once a program is registered, you will promptly receive all information reserved for registered users. This will include a registration key that revives the expired program(s). Make sure that you provide your email address with every registration so that you can receive this information fastest.

Methods Of Payments:

International Clients:

Denominations in U.S. currencies are required. International Money Orders are accepted in U.S. currency only. With online registration process, you can use any major credit card from virtually anywhere in the world. Personal checks are not accepted from outside of United States.