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An easy-to-use Encryption program with sophisticated features. This allows you to secure any type of files, and encrypt or decrypt multiple files with a drag and a click.

Feature Hilights:

* Ability to encrypt any type of files (text and non-text) at high speed

* 7 different user levels + 1 supervisor levels allow to share encrypted files with designated people.

* Complete logging options

* Encryption progression meter

* Full drag-and-drop control

* 2 different encryption methods:

* Regular encryption : users (as well as supervisor) with encrypt permission will be able to decode files upon logging in.

* Exclusive encryption : only supervisor will be able to decode files encoded by this method for super-sensitive files.

System Requirements:

Windows 95 or 98


Step by step instructions in Windows Help and text formats.

Installer included. See also: Installation Tips

How to get it:

From Internet:

Click on any of the following links below to download.

From AOL:

Click on File Search toolbar button in AOL. This brings up a Software Search dialog. At the bottom of the dialog, type PHALANX as the search definition. Click Search. You will see its description on a dialog. Click Download.