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MediaImpact Designer 2.0

You can register this online!

Register it online!

Create striking multimedia presentations without any programming. Add multiple text, images, videos, audios in virtually all possible formats and put together a presentation in minutes. The MediaImpact player is free so your creations can be shared with anyone royalty-free. To create your own presentations all you need is the MediaImapct Designer. This small program lets you visually create impressive multimedia presentations with great flexibility (so, each presentation looks unique) and requires no programming knowledge.

It also contains features that packages all your presentation files to distribute by creating a Setup program so that your audience can easily install. With the preview feature it integrates with MediaImpact Player so that you can Preview your creations during design. It allows you to save your work-in-progress and modify previously created presentations anytime.

Some of the features are disabled in the free evaluation copy of MediaImpact Designer. When you register, all restrictions will be removed and you create and distribute your stories freely without any fees to us (you may charge your customers fees if you wish for your creations). You also get free support on the program and if available, future enhancements either free-of-charge or at significant discounts.

To register, see regform.txt file in same location as Designer application. You can also register this program online by clicking the link at the top of this page. For questions, email

See a sample!

You can get a glimpse of a creation by the Designer by downloading a fully functional presentation here. This presentation is about wild animals of Africa and contains a setup program.

What will YOU create next?

System Requirements:

Any Windows version that's 95 or newer, compatible with Windows 2000 also.


Step by step instructions in Windows Help and text formats.

How to get it:

Click on the link(s) below to download the evaluation version of the Designer: