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GreatIcons Pack

Get these 40 icons absolutely FREE!

A collection of 40 icons to give your program items, shortcuts, a little spark and variety. The icons range widely in their images to suite diverse needs---country flags, faces, planets, food, and more. Developers can incorporate these icons into their own programs, and others can simply attach these icons to any program item (includes step-by-step documentation for older Windows as well).


System Requirements:

Windows (any version 3.0 or later)


Step by step instructions included in zip on how to set up and associate icons.

How to get it:

From AOL:

Click on File Search toolbar button in AOL. This brings up a Software Search dialog. At the bottom of the dialog, type GREATICO as the search definition. Click Search. You will see its description on a dialog. Click Download.
From Internet:
From MSN