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This program has won several awards Gold Disk AwardedGold Disk Awarded

Elephant Task 2.0

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International-aware! Elephant Task (eTask) is an electronic reminder program that helps you remember tasks or to-dos. The intended audience is home users and hence it is:

  • User-friendly
  • Loaded with necessary features only
  • Aware of your local settings (e.g. language, date/time format, etc.) at runtime
  • The result is a very able program with very little memory and space requirement and one that's virtually maintenance-free. While the program is lean (written in C/C++), it has several critical features such as multiple appointment sort options, various deletion and recovery options, compact database tool, various recurrence options, and more.

    Also noteworthy is the program's ability to change language and format according to the user by automatic detection. This is all done with same executable file so for example, a user in Netherlands can use the same version of the program used in England and yet they see different date formats and names of weekdays and months (in Dutch and English respectively).

    eTask is suitable for storing any types of tasks---from professional appointments to personal anniversaries. This Shareware program is full-featured and will expire after 30 executions.


    Step by step instructions in text and HTML formats.
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    Professional Installer included. See also: Installation Tips

    How to get it:

    From Internet:

    Click on any of the following links below to download.

    From AOL:

    Click on File Search toolbar button in AOL. This brings up a Software Search dialog. At the bottom of the dialog, type ETASK  as the search definition. Click Search. You will see its description on a dialog. Click Download.