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About The Author

As the creator of these programs and site, I'm obliged to at least introduce myself.

Unlike many kids, I happened to own a computer relatively late in my school life. During those years, I tinkered with software into late nights at my school lab. I played with experimental programs and ideas with no specific target audience in mind but rather for my own education beyond text books. Some of those programs formed the foundation of many of today's popular programs you'll find here.

After uploading some the programs online (Internet wasn't nearly as big back then.) I was amazed at the support and interest in my programs from certain individuals. I catered to their specific needs by writing customized versions of programs. Soon it was clear to me that there is an exciting distribution channel: the try-before-you-buy program. I continued to improve my programs by making my software more useful, easier-to-learn, accessible, and affordable.

While many of the programs were freeware back then, today's high cost of maintaining multiple sites, programs, keeping up with upgrades in the operating system, customer support take not only time but also monetary resources. This necessitates your support even more than before.

Over the years, I have held various technical positions in the industry with firms big and small. I've always been fascinated with development and QA of software and my current position in the industry enables me to explore both every day.

After work, I spend time with my family and mostly with my son. While I continue to develop new software during the after-hours, it seems increasingly difficult to commit myself to a full-time career, being a dad, and a shareware author.